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How to build up your followers on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool to easily engage with people and increase market awareness of your products and services quickly. However a common question we are always asked is ‘How can we increase our followers?’. With this blog post I would like to provide some valuable advice on how this can be done with some points below:


1) You should try to seek how people with similar interests or market sectors which will find your products or services relevant to their requirements.

2) Provide useful information only and don’t talk about yourself in describing what you did last night or have eaten at lunchtime.

3) When writing your content ensure it’s sharp to the point and engaging whilst incorporating the hashtag # and @ symbols to increase followers.

4) When creating tweets try to publish them often but not in short bursts to ensure you don’t start spamming your followers.

5) Never drift away from your relevant topics and only use one #hastag in your tweets. Using multiple hastags in a tweet can become frustrating and annoying for the readers due to sending out two many messages and the overall message becomes hard to read.

6) The most valuable advice is sign-up to TweetDec  this powerful software add-0n allows you to customise the Twitter experience by enabling you to keep on track with lists, searches, topics, events and even #hashtags with the ability to refine results via using the built in filters.

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