B.I.G. International Product Price List



B.I.G International currently have 3 price lists for Aftermarket Refinish, Retail and Industrial clients. However due to them constantly being updated they required a cost effective printing service solution that provided this functionality.


The Solution

In order to make their price lists easily updatable we produced a custom size ring binder that allows for individual price list pages to be updated quickly and easily with our in-house printing service. We also printed custom front and back covers for the folders to ensure they look professional. The graphic design studio also developed two solutions including a digital pdf & printed format. The digital PDF allows the sales representatives to present the price list on their iPads whilst visiting clients nationally. At V Factor Creative we provide a very fast and cost effective printing service to our clients.




B.I.G. International Group Ltd



August 30, 2015


Branding, Graphic Design, Printing