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Don Santiago Restaurant Branding & Creative



Don Santiago is an independent restaurant chain operating primarily around the Costa Del Sol region of Spain. With most restaurants across this region providing traditional English and Spanish dishes using processed microwavable ingredients. The owner has developed a niche by creating freshly prepared Italian dishes by utilising ingredients found locally, especially seafood. However, due to the food and drink business sector already saturated with fierce competition based on price focussed marketing. V Factor was tasked with generating awareness and delivering the proposition message with promoting freshly prepared dishes.


The Solution

To add value to the brand we have provided the restaurant with history by creating a character Don Santiago to deliver the story. The Don Santiago figure character also provides heritage and enables consumers to connect with the brand philosophy for premium quality dishes. We have also redesigned the logo branding and incorporated semi-modern fonts and graphics to appeal with the younger generation who typically visit this region for holidays.



Dinitrol GmBH



December 2, 2018


Branding, Corporate Identity, Creative, Graphic Design, Printing