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DUR Corporate Identity & Branding



With many rustproofing treatment centres already established within Denmark by established multinational automotive operators. DUR a smaller independent operator has ambitious growth plans to franchise the brand, enabling them to expand quickly throughout Denmark and beyond. Unlike brand owned rustproofing treatment centres, DUR has the unique selling point that they can use products from different suppliers to fulfil individual customer requirements and preferences.


The Solution

After researching the rustproofing treatment market sector in Denmark. We created a strong confident brand logo and also revised the original De Uafhængige Rustbeskyttere logo into 3 letters DUR to simplify. The shortened logo text provides a unique word that is easier to remember and iconic. We also incorporated black and a highlight to resemble the protective under-body rust proofing chassis coating paint applied onto vehicle chassis. This also included the black water-repellent background effect to reinforce the moisture impermeable barrier applied to prevent rusting.



DUR-De Uafhængige Rustbeskyttere



December 2, 2018


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