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Evapo-Rust Advertising, Photography & Website Development



Evapo-rust is a specialist rust remover that contains no hazardous chemicals usually associated with this process. With the unique product developed in conjunction with the US Military already established throughout the USA. Our client Q-oils based in Manchester have identified the potential of this new advanced environmentally friendly non-harmful product. By promoting this new innovative rust remover throughout the UK. The organisation are currently implementing a distribution supply chain throughout the UK and providing high street national D.I.Y. retail chains with the opportunity to stock and sell this product.


The Solution

After analysing this specialist product against competitor brands that contain harmful chemicals with complex treatment processes. We envisaged demonstration videos using various common household and automotive items. Provides the ultimate guarantee confirmation that this product works whilst being very easy and safe to use. To support this activity we also built a responsive website enabling customers to locate retail sellers stocking this product and created leaflets to concisely presenting the benefits and demonstration videos. The packaging label was also redesigned to incorporate bullet points highlighting the unique advantages of using this product.



Evapo-Rust Europe



December 5, 2018


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