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Flexible Funeral Plans Marketing & Advertising



With only 1 in every 5 people discussing their personal funeral plans due to being a taboo morbid difficult subject to discuss. Flexible Funeral Plans tasked V Factor with lead generation marketing to increase enquiries.r?


The Solution

We created a new brand identity for the client that feels approachable and appears comfortable.

Also, with the costs of funerals increasing by 122% since 2004 we developed the marketing strategy around this call to action. Prompting people to contact Flexible Funeral Plans at their earliest convenience to arrange a personalised policy and fix the costs.

We also focussed on the positive ‘Celebration of life?’ Benefits of arranging a funeral plan rather than the negative association with death. This was reflected with provocative imagery and advertising campaigns to provide contrast within this very corporate conservative business service sector.

To generate website enquiries we designed a FREE Funeral Plan brochure download PDF. The file was retrievable by prospective website visitors once they entered their name, telephone number and email details. Enabling Flexible Funeral plans to contact them and conduct re-marketing activity.



Flexible Funeral Plans



December 2, 2018


Advertising, Creative